STEAM & Technology Center

The SMG team were responsible for the redesign of the interiors and development of the STEAM Center in Nantong District of China. This was to be the first of it’s kind and was to serve as the hub of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics Education, by providing schools free access to and hands-on interaction with the latest technologies, enabling them to incorporate new information, technology and industry best practices into teaching via the Center’s teacher training programs. The STEAM Center is at the forefront of China’s creative education and pioneering Education and Business partnerships for the public benefit, and drawing national and international attention to the region.

The building was originally developed to be a city showcase building however, through our works we were able to redesign this to be a center that would accommodate up to 1000 students each day.

The building was approximately 13,500m2 and when completed will be one of the most unique and accessible STEAM technology centers in the world for students.